Viability of Third Party Tech Support

That cry for help whenever some appliance in our house goes wrong. That feeling of helplessness, when we don’t know what to do and which wires to tinker with. Opening up the air conditioner and tinkering with the pipes whenever there is excess water accumulation or opening up a computer cabinet and handling the wires as we were diffusing a time bomb, we have all been there completely clueless and hoping for the best that the appliance just repaired itself automatically. For the technologically weak like us, it can very well be nothing less than a nightmare in these situations.


Usually, the company warranty ends within one or two years of purchasing the article. So what if the article breaks down after the deemed warranty period, what is the customer supposed to do, settle with the expensive one-time service charges that the company representatives offers, to throw the article away just after two years, to open the device themselves and start messing around. These are the voids which are filled by third-party service providers. Offering services such as extended warranty or on call support are really helpful in these situations.

We Have Got It Covered

Generally, these third party service providers tie up with several retail outlets and online shopping websites. They handle the tech support department whereas the website handles retails. This can often lead to a reduction in overall cost of the appliance and also increase customer satisfaction. Appliances like kitchen chimneys, air conditioner, kitchen appliances which are difficult to install and if installed incorrectly may in turn damage the appliance; such tasks are mostly neglected by most of the retail outlets. With the availability of these third party services, these tasks have become quite easy for the retail as well as the consumer.

Service Provided By These Companies Are:

Delivery and Install– As I mentioned earlier, consumers need not hire a big truck or pay extra money to logistics to get a big appliance delivered to their doorstep. Companies like Knowhow can take care of these tasks on their own as well as provide installation service in the customer’s home as well. This not only reduces the effort on the part of the customer but also increases the efficiency and the life span of the appliance and in turn result in a better customer satisfaction.

Set Up– No need to read through confusing manuals and sit for hours scratching your head and procuring tools to setup the appliance. These services can take care of them all.

Support– Availability of an active call center facility to ensure proper support among its customers. With an array of well-trained individuals, they can solve most of the problems that may be faced by the consumer.

Repair– Last but not the least, services such as extended warranty which takes care of any breakdowns and dis-function of the appliance. So no need to further panic whenever something stops working because these companies have amazing technicians who are just a phone call away from you.

Choosing The Right Service To Set Up Your Windows PC

When you bought a new PC, or you want to just clean and reset everything on your old PC, the hassle of setting up Windows again and setting up all your programs can be tiring. That is why you need to get a third party service who will set up your computer as you need it to be without you having to take all the hassle and the responsibility.

You may need to have your Windows PC set up in a couple of cases – one, you got a new PC. Some new PCs come with only FreeDOS or just no operating systems installed. In that case, you need to separately purchase a copy of Windows, which then you have to install on your PC. If you are not very tech savvy, setting up Windows can be a bit cumbersome for the first time. Even with the newest Windows 10, the installation part is still similar to that of Windows 7 that came out years back.

The second case could be that you need to format your hard drive and perform a clean installation of Windows. This is usually done when your computer was infected with viruses or other malware and it messed up with some Windows settings, or you want to upgrade to the newer versions of Windows.


Moreover, you may need to set up your PC sometimes when you get new hardware, perform a hardware upgrade or something similar. In any case, getting your PC set up by a reliable service is always a good thing. Call up the KnowHow contact number to know more.

Here’s what you need to look:

On-Site Versus Off Site Servicing:Check if your service provider will set up your PC at your home or office in your presence or whether you will have to take your computer to their store. Usually setting up Windows takes some minutes to a few hours depending on the device and the requirements. If it is a new computer, then the setup time will be short and can be performed on site. For repairing Windows installations, or performing clean installations, off-site services are better because they take time. Check with the service provider what sort of service they provide, their privacy policies and if you are comfortable with that or not.

Data Migration Policy: When you give a computer that has your data for a Windows reinstall, know first how they will handle your data. In certain cases, data may be lost. Also, if they have to migrate the data from your older Windows account to the newer Windows user account, they will need to make a copy of the data. Then, they will delete their copy of the data once the migration process is done. Double check with the service provider on how they treat user data during these processes.

Setting Up Other Programs: Check if your service provider will also install the drivers and other programs that you will use on a regular basis, such as Microsoft Office. Obviously, you can activate the programs when you have access to the computer. Also, make sure that they do not provide you with any pirated or unlicensed software.

How To Install The Dishwasher At Home?

There are many people out there trying to install the dishwasher in their kitchen by their own. Even for the highly experienced plumber to install the dishwasher is the crucial job to do.

Here is step by step guide to install the dishwasher in your kitchen by your own. Before you begin to read all the instruction before you start installing the dishwasher. Instructions will help you to anticipate water, drain and electrical connection and help you to select the best location for the dishwasher.  Some people really do not pay attention the guide and ended up with biting their lips and having the hard time to install the dishwasher or improper installation will occur.


Cabinet Location And Space

An essential parameter is to measure the cabinet size and space dishwasher need in terms of installing the dishwasher. If your measuring is incorrect, you will be compromising with drain, water, and electrical connection and sometimes facing the damage to the plastic tube. Make sure you remove any carpet for the free and flat surface, and better you keep all the dimensions in your mind.

Check For The Material And Fittings

After proving right space for the dishwasher make sure you have all the supplements required such as drainage pipes, water supply pipes, all the electrical connections and many other. Make sure you have right tools to tackle every situation occur with different components while installing the dishwasher.  Call KnowHow contact number as they can guide you throughout the process of dishwasher installation.

Finishing The Drain Connection

Before you finish the drain hose connection make sure you attached drain hose pipe to drain pump correctly and be sure you don’t make contact with electric wiring. Secure drain hose to sink drain, disposer or separate trap with a clamp. Make sure you do not connect the hoses to horizontal pipes between sink drain and disposer.

Caution: drain hoses and other plumbing material never come into contact with electrical components or wiring and if so you will be ending up with personal injury.

Finish The Water Line Connection

It will be an auspicious idea to use dual outlet valve to your water supply line so the one can connect to the dishwasher’s hot inlet valve and another one can be connected to the to the sink to provide water. To prevent the clogging of filter screen make sure you flush the water line before making any connection to water inlet valve. Finally, a step will be to turn on the water supply and check if there is any leakage or not.

Finishing The Electronic Connection

The final important step will be to cut off the main electric connection line before you fix the electric components. Draw the wires through the opening of the cabinet and make the correct connections of provided wires with the machine. Make sure you did not have made any inappropriate connection of electrically wired and drain hoses or water hoses.

Final Check-Up

Before start the water supply and turn on the electric connection makes sure all the connections made are perfect and chances of leakage should be minimum. After placing dishwasher at the right place and correctly you can turn on the water and electric supply.  After all the hard word your dishwasher will be ready to use.

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